Children's Book

As you might already know, I, Jackie, am writing and illustrating a children's book! It's forever been something that I've wanted to accomplish.
The book is currently in the works! Check Instagram for the most current updates.
I wanted to create this book to promote creativity in children and to make bedtime a little more exciting. So far it is not only beautiful, but it's bright, innovative, and fun!
The book is written about a dog named Butter. Each night she goes to sleep and dreams up the silliest things; like eating ice cream in space, unicorn races, or throwing tea parties in the trees.
You can preorder the What Night Brings until March 30th! Click here to preorder via Kickstarter!
Preorder books are estimated to ship out in June!
 "Each night Butter dreams of her favorite things
Excited to sleep to see what night brings,
She closes her eyes,
and to her surprise,
She imagines some of the silliest things!"