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Easy, Elegant Framing in just 5 Minutes!

Easy, Elegant Framing in just 5 Minutes!

If you’ve purchased a watercolor, digital download or simply just have some art laying around that’s been needing a frame, I’m here to show you how you can easily elevate the art’s beauty with this easy framing tutorial!Knowing how to frame can save you LOTS of money and it’s easy!

What you’ll need from the craft store: (I use Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

  • Frame (preferably with a mat included)
  • Piece of Paper from the scrap-booking isle. (Neutral, patterned, colorful- that’s up to you!)
  • Glue dots! (These things are AMAZING, I use them for everything)
  • Scotch or masking tape.
  • The art you’d like to frame.

For the frame, consider what you are framing. The art shown is a 5x7” painting, the frame I purchased is a 11x14” frame, and the matting included is an 8x10”.

The paper that I found in the scrap-booking isle, is just a textured white ($0.79!!). I really wanted the art to shine so I chose a color that wouldn’t distract from that (plus my entire house is white).

For the glue dots, there are many brands; scotch, glue dots, etc. I usually just look for a smaller size dot, and ones that aren’t super thick. The box will usually say “for scrapbooking” but realistically, any will work! Trust me, you’ll be addicted to these things, they come in handy for everything!


The steps are really easy, I’ll keep it simple…

  • Un-package the frame, and prepare glass (clean).

  • Use 4 glue dots in the corners of the back side of the artwork, and affix onto scrap booking sheet. (you can measure the center, or eyeball)

  • Now affix the scrap booking paper (with scotch tape) to the back of the matting. Keep looking at the frontside of the mat to make sure you’re centering the artwork nicely.

  • Put the glass back into the frame, followed by the mat-art-scrapbook-paper-bundle you’ve made, and close the frame with the cardboard/latches provided!

  • Voila! Now find an amazing place to hang this beauty!

I hope this eases your framing anxiety and elevates your home decor!

Did you find this helpful? Let me know if you give it a try!

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