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Does the Photo Matter?

Obviously, if you have a good photo to use for a commission, let's go with that one! But, this blog post is about when you DON'T have that perfect image. Sometimes people come to me with a photo that is sub-par and they are unable to get a photo that is better; maybe the dog has passed away, maybe they're ordering for a friend and want it to be a surprise, maybe their dog runs away like the camera is the vacuum...
Whatever the case, I can work with you. Your options might be a little bit more limited than if you had that ideal photo, but we can find something.
For a giant (what I call) "above the mantel" portrait, we will need a photo that can show a lot of the little details, unless you're into abstract art- which I can totally get down with!

Let's take this watercolor, for example. If you look in his eyes there are many little details that I  just *cannot* make up. As an artist who's painted pets for 5 years now, I know their bone structure, I know their mouths and I can add some detail in those areas that may not be completely visible. When it comes to things like specks in the eyes, a few stray whiskers, and even eye shape - this is very different for every dog that comes across my desk, not just a one-size-fits-all.

We are not at a loss here, smaller portraits require less detail. We can find a size that will work with your photo. Even if it happens to be a gold ring for your pinky. If you have any doubts about how your painting may turn out, what size you should order, if you'd be better with an ornament or a sketch- please don't hesitate to send me a message! I'll be more than happy to come to a conclusion with you! And hey- maybe it is that "above the mantel" abstract painting you're looking for! ;) Let's do it!

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